School Information - Aims

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We aim to...

  • We value children and aim to support them in being healthy, happy, successful and safe.
  • We value staff and aim to be positive role models. Participating in children’s learning and well being, whilst being friendly, respectful, caring and understanding. Offering a family approach to education.
  • We value parents, carers and the wider family. Aiming to build an open, honest and respectful relationship. Working together to support children emotionally and academically.
  • We value the curriculum and aim to make it fun, creative and well balanced. One which is exciting and builds upon individual children’s existing knowledge and skills, where children are challenged and interested. Allowing all children to achieve their full potential in learning and in life.
  • We value our governors and aim for them to be active and enthusiastic. Offering the school an outside view which enhances, challenges and supports.
  • We value the community and aim to work in partnership, by recognising the experiences and knowledge we can offer each other.  Respecting our differences and learning to live as one.
  • We value our environment and we aim to provide a warm, welcoming and safe environment. One that is stimulating and interactive both inside and out.

Believing and achieving, together!